shiven started as a replacement for the HouseofPain gameservers back in the good old "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory"-Days and no one could have dreamed that more than 6 years later it would still exist.

During these years we have supported many games like Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor, Brink and more. But it has become harder and harder to maintain a friendly community with games that do require a dedicated server because of Peer-to-Peer matchmaking. On the other side you have to rent a gameserver from an official gameserver partner (for example for Battlefield 3) for a ridiculous high price.

Brink was a failure. Quake Wars: Enemy Territory is still played by ~20 people. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is nearly dead. The activity on shiven is next to zero (aside from the quite popular Left 4 Dead 2 servers). So it's time to pull the plug before shiven is becoming a deserted place.

Some minor stats for good old times sake: 1.423.840 page views, 15.462 forum entries, 5.179 private messages, 3.339 shoutbox entries, 644 registered users, 215 donations, 216 videos, 39.413 players visited our Left 4 Dead 2 servers and 47.537 our Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory server. Shiven (except the gameservers itself) would consume 16.5GB of disk space.

Thanks to the staff, the regulars and specially the donators, who kept the place running for all of us. It was a pleasure playing and working with you.

— jarod

In case someone is willing to continue shiven, or wants to ask another question, drop me a line at

If you are still looking for some sweet Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory action, head over to our friends from Team Muppet, who are still running two of the best servers around.

Maybe you will see some familiar faces on these servers. Who knows.